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Best slot machine payouts

Slot machines have for a long time been the main money-maker for many casinos. Millions of bettors all over the world play them, but not every machine pays out in the same way. Which slot machines pay the best, what does RTP mean, and how to pick the right one to play?

Slots with the highest Return to Player (RTP) percentage

When determining slots with the best odds, it’s vital to keep in mind the most important parameter of the machines – the RTP, or Return to Player percentage. Every device is programmed to provide a specific theoretical payout percentage, called the RTP. It can be any number between 0% and 99.9%, mostly in the 74-99% range, but there are often minimum values set by the law – for example, 75% in Las Vegas. For online slot machine simulation games, the payout is usually between 93% and 99%.

What do those numbers mean? Let’s take 99% as an example. If you insert a total of 1,000 coins in a slot machine with an RTP percentage of that value, you can be sure of getting back at least 990 of them. As a result, the potential risk is very low – in the vast majority of games you won’t lose more than a few percent of what you put in, while the winnings can get quite high if you have the luck.

When it comes to slot machines, the best odds are usually offered by online casinos. It’s a result of higher upkeep costs in the case of physical establishments, which is a huge advantage for both the virtual casinos and the players. Here are a couple of options that can provide a high theoretical payout percentage:

  1. Playtech’s Ugga Bugga with a whopping 99.07% RTP – you can’t find too many better offers than that;
  2. NetEnt’s Mega Joker – a solid 99% RTP when betting the maximum amount;
  3. Relax Gaming’s Book of 99 – proving true to its name, it has a 99% RTP percentage;
  4. Ooh Aah Dracula from Barcrest – 99% RTP with a spooky twist;
  5. NetEnt’s Jackpot 6000 – another offering from one of the most known online gambling companies, boasting a slightly smaller but still very exciting 98.8% RTP.

Casino comparison site

How to pick a winning slot machine? The Internet can be an invaluable resource when trying to figure out the most profitable place to play. There’s no shortage of casino comparison sites, which often include rankings of slot machine games with their payouts, specific rules, and descriptions of all the important characteristics. Keep in mind that some websites might be operated by the casino owners themselves, and will be slightly biased – it’s best to stick to pages that allow for user reviews, and compare them against the website’s description. The RTP is, however, a value that you can fully trust in the majority of cases. Most jurisdictions provide specific rules for slot machines, which make it impossible to mislead potential players when it comes to providing the theoretical payout.

Check game developers’ policy

Online slot machines are basically chance-based video games, and they are usually provided to a casino by an external developer. It might be worth looking at the website of the company responsible for the slot machine you want to play. You should be able to find various information about the chances of winning, eventual payouts, as well as the RTP percentage.

Avoid games that don’t pay out

With a wealth of options available to any player worldwide, it’s simply not worth the time to play slot machines with a low RTP. They can be tempting due to higher potential winnings, but over a longer period of playing you’re statistically bound to lose a larger portion of your money than when using 95+% RTP machines. You can easily find the highest paying slot machines on various websites – keep an eye out for those with a theoretical payout close to 99%. It’s also worth checking out any potential bonuses that are often present in online casinos: a good strategy, taking into account the RTP, game rules, bonuses and a responsible staking plan, is the safest and most profitable way to play.

How do the slots work?

Let’s start with a brief history lesson: the classic ones usually have three reels with pictures paired with an intricate system of levers and gears. The player pulls the ‘arm’ of the machine to make the reels spin, hoping to land on a winning combination in the pay line – which is the middle row of the viewing window. The chances, odds, and payouts vary from game to game, but the most profitable outcome is typically three of the same images in a row. This includes the classic ‘777’ combination – the jackpot – present on many machines, both online and physical.

Nowadays, ones controlled completely by computers have mostly replaced these physical machines, but the basic rules stay the same. Instead of the gears and levers, it’s the random number generator that does all the work necessary to provide the result. The online slot machines function in a similar way. It might be interesting to know that, thanks to current computing capabilities, the result of the spin is actually instant, but it’s generally not shown to the player right away. Instead, there are various animations inspired by the classic slot machines found in regular casinos.

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