How to avoid angle shooters in poker?

Poker is a game of strategy, skill, and luck. However, some players may try to gain an unfair advantage by using tactics known as “angle shooting.” Angle shooting is a form of cheating in which a player uses a loophole or exploits a rule to gain an advantage over their opponents. It’s important to be aware of these tactics and know how to avoid them. In this article, we will discuss what an angle shoot is in poker and how you can protect yourself from angle shooters.

What is an Angle Shoot in Poker?

An angle shoot is a tactic used by a player to gain an unfair advantage over their opponents. This can be done by exploiting a rule or using a loophole in the game. For example, an angle shooter might deliberately mislead their opponents by pretending to have made a mistake, or by making an illegal move and then claiming ignorance. They might also try to intimidate or distract their opponents in order to throw them off their game.

Common Forms of Angle Shooting

One of the most common forms of angle shooting is “table talk“. This is when a player makes comments or asks questions that are designed to mislead or confuse their opponents. For example, a player might ask another player what their hand is in an attempt to gather information about their cards. Table talk is considered angle shooting because it is a form of cheating, and it is not allowed in most poker games. Another tactic used by angle shooters is “slow rolling.” This is when a player takes a long time to reveal their winning hand, in order to try and psych out their opponents. Slow rolling is considered bad etiquette and frowned upon, even though it’s not illegal and not breaking any rules of the game.

Protecting Yourself from Angle Shooters

To protect yourself from angle shooters, it’s important to be aware of these tactics and know how to spot them. Pay attention to the behavior of the players at your table, and don’t be afraid to speak up if you suspect that someone is angle shooting. You can also ask the dealer or tournament director to intervene if you feel that someone is cheating. It’s also a good idea to brush up on the rules of the game, so that you know when a player is breaking them. This will make it easier for you to spot angle shooting and take action to protect yourself.

Ivan Freitez – best or worst angle shooter?

Ivan Freitez is a professional poker player from Venezuela known for his aggressive playing style. He has achieved significant success in live tournaments, winning several high-stakes events and earning over $4 million in prize money. However, Freitez has also been the subject of controversy due to his reputation for angle shooting.

Ivan Freitez has been accused of using angle shooting tactics during his play, particularly in high-stakes tournaments. Some examples of his angle shooting include pretending to have a weak hand in order to induce opponents to make larger bets and manipulating the game’s timing by taking an excessive amount of time to make decisions. Freitez’s opponents and other poker players have said that his angle shooting is a constant presence in his game.

Freitez himself denies the allegations of angle shooting and says that he simply plays aggressively to win. But regardless of his denials, his reputation precedes him and many players choose to avoid playing with him.

It’s worth noting, that in the poker world these accusations and reputation is common, and many players are known for using angle shooting tactics. It’s important to be aware of these players and to not be swayed by their reputation into making bad decisions. Remember, to trust your instincts, stay focus on your game and be alert for any signs of angle shooting tactics.

Additional Tips for Avoiding Angle Shooters

Another way to protect yourself from angle shooters is to play at reputable poker rooms or online sites. These sites have strict rules and policies in place to prevent angle shooting and other forms of cheating. They also often have measures in place to detect and deter angle shooters, such as security cameras and player reporting mechanisms. Additionally, you can also consider playing in home games or games with friends where the trust among the players is higher and the risk of angle shooting is lower.

It’s also important to develop your own poker skills and knowledge so you can spot angle shooting tactics and react accordingly. Being aware of the common tells of a player and paying attention to the table dynamics will help you in identifying these players.

In any case, always remember to remain calm, composed and don’t let yourself be swayed by angle shooters into making bad decisions. Having a clear mind and staying focused will help you to react to angle shooting attempts and make the best decision for yourself and your game.

By following these tips, you can increase your chances of having a fair and enjoyable experience at the poker table and avoiding angle shooters.


In summary, angle shooting is a form of cheating in poker in which a player uses a loophole or exploits a rule to gain an unfair advantage over their opponents. By being aware of common angle shooting tactics such as table talk and slow rolling, and by knowing the rules of the game, you can protect yourself from angle shooters and ensure that you have a fair and enjoyable experience at the poker table.

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