How casinos catch cheaters?

Casinos are well known for their luxurious and extravagant atmosphere, but they must also take measures to ensure the fairness of the games they offer. Unfortunately, there are people who try to cheat the system and steal money from the casinos. Angle shooters are individuals who use provocative behavior. It is also officially considered a form of cheating during the game To combat this, casinos use a variety of techniques and technologies to catch casino cheaters. By using these methods, casinos can protect their games and guarantee fair play for everyone.

Techniques used by casino surveillance teams

Casino surveillance teams are responsible for monitoring all activity on the casino floor and identifying any suspicious behavior. These teams are made up of trained professionals who are skilled at spotting the telltale signs of cheating. Some of the techniques they use include:

  1. Observing players for unusual behavior – this can include things like avoiding eye contact, sweating profusely, or exhibiting nervous mannerisms. These behaviors may be indicative of someone who is trying to cheat or is otherwise up to no good.
  2. Reviewing security footage – surveillance teams review security footage from cameras located throughout the casino to identify any suspicious activity. With advanced video analytics software, they are able to quickly and accurately identify patterns and behaviors that may indicate cheating or other nefarious activities.
  3. Interviewing witnesses – suspected cheaters can expect to be questioned by casino monitoring teams. The same may apply to persons who may be considered valid witnesses in the case. It’s all about understanding if the person was actually cheating.
  4. Analyzing betting patterns – surveillance teams may also analyze betting patterns to identify any unusual activity that could indicate cheating. For example, if a player consistently bets the maximum amount allowed on a particular game, it could be a sign of cheating.  The next steps against a potential cheater will be decided by the security team.

The technology used to combat cheating

In addition to the techniques used by surveillance teams, casinos also utilize a variety of techniques to help catch cheaters. Some of the technology used includes:

  1. Shuffle machines – used in card games such as blackjack and poker to randomize the order of cards, making it challenging for players to anticipate the next cards dealt. By using these machines, casinos are able to reduce the chances of players using card counting or other cheating techniques. The machines help to shuffle the cards more efficiently and make the game fairer for all players. As a result, shuffle machines have become an essential tool for casinos to prevent cheating and maintain the integrity of the game.
  2. Card scanners – some casinos use card scanners to detect marked cards or cards that have been tampered with in some way. These scanners use advanced algorithms to analyze the cards and look for any abnormalities or signs of tampering.
  3. RFID chips – many casinos use RFID (radio-frequency identification) chips in their chips and cards to make them harder to counterfeit. These chips use radio frequency technology to transmit a unique identification code. Casinos use it to verify the authenticity of the chips and cards.
  4. Biometric scanners – such as fingerprint or iris scanners are being used by some casinos to prevent fraudulent activity These scanners enable casinos to restrict access to certain areas or games, ensuring that only authorized individuals are allowed to participate. As technology continues to evolve, biometric scanners may become even more prevalent in the casino industry.

Preventing cheating

In addition to catching cheaters, casinos also take steps to prevent cheating from occurring in the first place. Some of the measures they may take include:

  1. Training employees – casinos often train their employees to be vigilant for signs of cheating and to report any suspicious behavior they observe. By educating their employees on the various techniques that cheaters may use, casinos can increase the chances of detecting and preventing fraud.
  2. Implementing security measures – casinos may also implement security measures such as metal detectors and bag checks to prevent individuals from bringing in illicit or prohibited items. This can include items like marked cards or devices used for cheating.
  3. Conducting background checks – casinos may also conduct background checks on employees and contractors to ensure that they are of good character and do not have a history of cheating or other criminal activity.
  4. Using randomized shuffling – as mentioned earlier, casinos may use shuffle machines or other methods to randomly shuffle cards in card games. This helps to prevent players from using techniques like card counting to gain an advantage.

Casino hires ex-cheaters to catch you

Casinos recognize the importance of hiring ex-cheaters as consultants to conduct training seminars for their staff and security personnel. They understand that without the necessary knowledge to detect cheaters, they face substantial financial losses. In fact, Las Vegas and Atlantic City casinos boast the highest number of security cameras and surveillance systems per square foot worldwide.

Employing consultants who specialize in preventing casino cheating is a strategic business decision that demonstrates management’s foresight. These experts possess invaluable insights into the behaviors and mannerisms exhibited by criminals. It helps in educating casino employees effectively.

It should be emphasized that ex-cheaters are strictly prohibited from entering the monitor room.
Casino owners strictly adhere to this policy and make no exceptions. The goal is to take the necessary precautions to ensure that their consultants do not become security holes.


Casinos are constantly working to protect the integrity of their games and ensure fair play for all customers. Casinos strive to protect the fairness of their games and guarantee an enjoyable gambling experience for all customers. To counter cheating and fraudulent behavior, they deploy a combination of skilled surveillance team members and advanced technology. Additionally, casinos take proactive measures, such as educating their staff, to ensure a secure gaming environment.

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